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Embedded Software Architect

Department: Engineering
Location: Toulouse

Our mission

At Ascendance we are building tomorrow’s hybrid-electric aviation with ATEA, a unique Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft powered by STERNA, our in-house hybrid-electric propulsion system. We focus our efforts in designing an innovative, safe, silent, clean and affordable aircraft that will be able to blend into existing infrastructures and regulations to ease its deployment and maximise social acceptance.

If you are looking for a place where you will have a direct impact on very ambitious products, where you will work close to the hardware and where you can witness the result of your hard work quickly, board ATEA and come fly with us toward the future of aviation!

Your role

You will be responsible for taking our software designs to certification. Using to the fullest extent the test facilities at your disposal, you will design, build and implement a safety focused software architecture to unify the company’s software products.

Directly reporting to the Head of embedded intelligence, you will be in charge of leading our software development efforts by proposing a future proof software architecture and an associated development roadmap.

Solution-oriented, you are enthousiaste about making well designed products and have an attention to detail. You will contribute to both of Ascendance’s products : ATEA and STERNA.

Your objectives

  • Deliver the certified software architecture destined toward certification for both the Energy Management System and Flight Management System as well as future software products of the company. 
  • Perform safety analysis to identify requirements for redundancy, safety elements and reconfigurations
  • Determine the test plan associated to your software designs.
  • Contribute to roadmapping efforts in the software developments of the company. 
  • Initiate radical news ideas to value the technology developed within your scope.
  • Comply with the hybrid-electric propulsion regulation as well as vtol aircraft regulation

Your profile

You are someone who:

Has 8+ years of experience in software development in the aeronautics, automotive or other high tech industry

  • Has extensive experience with software development and verification
  • Has strong background in computer science applied to an industrial and certification centric industries such as aerospace or automotive sectors
  • Has had previous experience in designing onboard software for a vehicle application
  • Has a proven ability to adapt to complex and challenging environments with a short timeframe
  • Has a proven hands-on ability to lead design efforts

Not mandatory but it would be a plus if you:

  • Have a strong experience with DAL A or DAL B software development
  • Have had experience with developing real-time applications
  • Have experience with machine learning concepts in a vehicle application
  • Knows aeronautics certification standards (CS23 preferably)
  • Have a previous experience in  a start-up or small organization
  • Expertise in certified software development is a plus
  • Interest in the aeronautics industry and its specific set of constraints

    Non-discrimination and diversity are our priorities. AFT is open to hire personnalities with their own differencies

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