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ascendance team


Pioneering cleaner aviation together

Because you are looking to empower cleaner aviation today while developing tomorrow’s sustainable aviation solutions.

Because you want to join a team of passionate, experienced, talented engineers and business professionals with the drive and long-term vision to achieve this mission.

Because you want to thrive in a fast-paced, flexible, innovation-driven environment and see quickly the results of your effort on one of our many prototypes.

It’s much more than a job

We are passionate about what we do every single day. Above and beyond performing our day-to-day job and individual missions, we see the bigger picture and are inspired and driven by a common conviction: cleaner aviation can’t wait.

Giving credit where credit is due

We know that no one can bring aviation to a new era alone. We act together while recognizing everyone’s contribution to the journey. We actively encourage and empower your unique talents and skills, while never losing sight of our common goal of developing sustainable flight solutions for today and tomorrow.

Can-do determination

We know that we don’t have all the answers all the time but we have the confidence, commitment and positive attitude to find the best solutions to empower cleaner aviation today.

Boldness of vision

If we wanted to do things as usual, we would have stuck to conventional aviation.We are not afraid to make bold choices and try new solutions. We actively cultivate a positive, open-minded work environment in which new ideas are encouraged. We challenge each other every day to think out of the box to find the best solutions possible.

Open positions

We’re looking for great talent.

At Ascendance we are looking for the best people to join us on this tremendous adventure.

If you’re driven, passionate and determined to make a positive impact on aviation today, apply to the offers below:

Embedded Software Architect (All gender)EngineeringToulouse
Airframe Structures Lead (All gender)EngineeringToulouse
Low Voltage Network Engineer (All gender)EngineeringToulouse
Quality Engineer (All gender)EngineeringToulouse
Loads Engineer (All gender)EngineeringToulouse
Fan-In-Wing Lead (All gender)EngineeringToulouse
Market Analyst (All gender)Strategy & SalesToulouse
Communication & Brand Manager (All gender)Marketing & CommunicationToulouse
Industrialization Engineer (All gender)EngineeringToulouse
Hybrid Propulsion System Engineer (All gender)EngineeringToulouse
Avionics Lead (All gender)EngineeringToulouse
Flight Control Systems Lead (All gender)EngineeringToulouse
Test Bench Lead (All gender)EngineeringToulouse
Flight Control Computer Engineer (All gender)EngineeringToulouse
Procurement Manager (All gender)Business & PurchasingToulouse
Datacom Engineer (All gender)EngineeringToulouse