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We’re taking aviation to new heights.

Join us on our journey to more sustainable aviation !

As the world grapples with the effects of climate change, we must all, collectively, act now. The good news is, we have the solution to make a difference and have a positive impact : hybrid electric technology.

It’s not just a trend. It is, and will be, the most sustainable way to decarbonize air transport. Welcome on board the long haul flight to cleaner connections.

(Our technology)

Decarbonizing air transport with hybrid electric propulsion technology and sustainable aircraft.

High performance solutions to drive progress forward

Our technology has the potential to enable and boost the energy transition in aviation to reach carbon neutrality by 2050

Lead the environmental charge with reduced noise, reduced CO2 emissions and reduced costs.

(sterna’s carbon emission reduction)*

Up to


(atea’s carbon emission reduction)*

Up to


*compared to conventional aicrafts

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(Our products)


Our unique hybrid-electric propulsion technology.

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The first aircraft with Sterna inside, for passenger transport, medical and cargo.

A 3D model of Atea

Inflight insights

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Advanced Air Mobility

Atea routes

We are talking about Regional Air Mobility, but what are the routes that Atea will fly?

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Advanced Air Mobility

Atea in action

Decentralized aviation, helicopter alternative, regional mobility… Atea is capable of many things.

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Advanced Air Mobility

How Atea, our hybrid vtol, will be used?

Atea is an innovative aircraft meant to reduce the carbon footprint of the helicopter market and provide a sustainable and practical answer to link some destinations that are still hard to reach today. But how do we plan to do that?

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