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Less noise, more actions for sustainable aviation.

Less noise, more actions for sustainable aviation.

Aviation has become popular and accessible, connecting the world in record time. It is now time to go further and enter a new era that keeps people strongly connected, but with far less pollution.

It is an extraordinary challenge for the aeronautical and the energy industries, the outcome of which will impact us all. Indeed, the stakes are high for climate issues, but also social, economic and sovereignty ones. The way we face this challenge will determine the future.

Yes, cleaner aviation cannot wait. And the good news is, technological solutions are within reach and can be deployed now.

Hybrid electric is the long-haul flight to cleaner connections. It works today and prepares for tomorrow.

Deep tech pioneers

Thanks to its hybrid-electric propulsion system, our aircraft offers unrivaled performance in terms of range and turnaround time. The range is 2 to 3 times greater than the competition, and turnaround time divided by 5.

a black and white model of Atea

(Meet the team)

a group of people standing in front of a garage

Our board of leaders

We combine the pioneering experience of our co-founders with the expertise and experience from the best in the industry.


Board Member

Jean-Paul Herteman

Ex-CEO Safran


Board Member

Agnès Plagneux Bertrand

Ex-SVP Airbus

Executive Advisor

Jean-Christophe Kugler

Ex-Chairman Europe Region Renault

Executive Advisor

François Caudron

Ex-CMO Airbus

Executive Advisor

Robert Lafontan

Ex-Airbus, Ex-Chief Engineer A320, A380


Thierry Tea

CEO at Negocia Group, ex-CEO Airbus Helicopters Phillipines


Andreas Loewenstein

Ex-CEO Kopter, ex-EVP Strategy Airbus Helicopters

With the support of

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Our partners

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Our facilities


Zéphyr building:
31 400 Toulouse,

Photo Credits: Esther Joly

Flight Test Center Facility

Muret building:
Muret-Lherm aerodrome, Rue de l'aviation
31 600 Muret, France

Inflight insights

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Les essaimés Prize - Airbus Développement

Benoit Ferran attended the evening Les essaimés 2024, organized by the Diese Association

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