Atea in action

Decentralized aviation, helicopter alternative, regional mobility… Atea is capable of many things.

The first use that comes to mind? Passenger transportation.

▶️ To access remote and isolated places

▶️ To create a decentralized aviation network from city to city

▶️ To directly link major cities between one another on a regional scale

▶️ To facilitate transportation within a given metropolitan area

Atea will carry up to 4 passengers (+1 pilot)

For trips up to 400 km (250 miles)

A sustainable alternative for regional mobility!




Beyond passenger transportation, Atea aims to provide a sustainable air mobility solution to many other sectors.

One of them is the Medical Emergency Services market segment (EMS).

Today, helicopters are performing EMS missions.

Tomorrow, this medical use of air mobility also could be more sustainable and less noisy.

▶️ For patient transfer from one hospital to another

▶️ For quick intervention on an accident scene and to quickly get the injured to the hospital

Atea can be fully equipped with medical equipment and carry medical staff for this kind of emergencies while being a safe, efficient and cleaner mobility solution!




Another version of our aircraft, another use!

Domestic flights, remote places, medical use. Atea is a sustainable solution for people’s transportation.

But it will also be a solution for transportation of goods.

In its cargo version, Atea cabin layout will be adapted to carry parcels up to 450kg that will be then delivered to a more local distribution hub which will take care of the final distribution.




Sustainable air mobility can be applied to many different fields!

And Atea has been designed to answer different needs.

Last version of our aircraft will be made for coastal surveillance.

Where customs and law enforcement services mainly use helicopters today, and sometimes fixed wing airplanes for longer distances, Atea is the best of both!

Atea will be a cleaner and quieter alternative for this type of surveillance flights.


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