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Hybrid choice wins accolade and award from the Royal Aeronautical Society

February 13, 2024


Benoit Ferran also gave a lecture at the Royal Aeronautical Society - Paris Branch

Last week, Benoit Ferran also gave a lecture at the Royal Aeronautical Society - Paris Branch that is a British and the world's only professional membership association dedicated to the aerospace, aviation industry and to its global community.

The topic of the lecture was one very important for Ascendance:

Hybridization unlocking Advanced Air Mobility

Why so?

  • Our DNA from the origin: to develop hybridization technologies as the best path toward a more sustainable (and someday decarbonized) aviation with SAF compatibility and transition
  • Hybridization will unlock advanced air mobility to reach market viability, especially on payload, range, speed and turn-around time expectations
  • Full battery architectures are and will stay too limited in performance and restricted to very light aviation or demonstrators
  • Hybridization gives us a starting market for helicopter replacement with our new generation aircraft

We were happy our vision about hybridization in aviation was very well received by the key-players and experts who attended.

Hybrid electric is the long-haul flight to cleaner connections❕

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